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Irving bank robber flees in getaway limo

IRVING -- A man claiming to be armed and wearing a headset robbed a bank of an undisclosed amount of money Friday morning and then jumped into a black limousine, police said.

The robber got into the passenger side of the vehicle and was driven away, police said.

The holdup happened about 9 a.m. at Comerica Bank in the 300 block of W. Irving Boulevard.

No details of the robbery were available.

Initially, witnesses gave police several accounts of a man running away from the bank and then jumping into a vehicle. The witnesses gave police several types of vehicles that may have been used including a limousine.

Police stopped a vehicle on Loop 12 that matched the description of one used in the bank robbery, but they didn’t find the robber.

Investigators now believe the bandit used a limousine as a getaway car.