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ATF agent kills man during raid in Arlington

A federal agent shot and killed an unidentified Arlington man Thursday during a statewide sweep that resulted in the arrest of nearly two dozen suspected gang members, authorities said.

Agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms went to the Arlington Parks apartment complex in east Arlington at about 6 a.m. to serve search and arrest warrants for Harry Wilson Aguilar Jr., an accused member of the Texas Syndicate prison gang indicted on drug trafficking charges in the federal investigation, officials said.

Aguilar was taken into custody, but another man was fatally shot by an ATF agent, said Tom Crowley, an ATF spokesman. Several people, including children, were in the second floor apartment during the raid, Crowley said.

Two Arlington police officers assisted the agents serving the warrants but were outside the apartment during the shooting, said Arlington police Lt. Susan Hataway, who oversees patrol operations on the city's east side.

Crowley declined to elaborate on the circumstances of the shooting, citing an internal investigation. The Arlington Police Department is also investigating the shooting, said Lt. Blake Miller, a department spokesman.

Staff writer Nathaniel Jones contributed to this report.

Suspected gang members arrested

Authorities filed a federal criminal complaint earlier this week in the United States District Court in Fort Worth charging 27 suspected members of the Texas Syndicate prison gang with drug trafficking, according to a news release from U.S. Attorney Richard B. Roper of the Northern District of Texas. On Thursday, law enforcement authorities arrested 23 across the state:

Fort Worth

Robert Losoya a.k.a Minnesota, 44

Ricardo Ruiz Jr. a.k.a Rick Ross, 28

Jimmy Guidry a.k.a Güero, 39,

Isiquio Herrera a.k.a Zeke, 35,

Jimmy Portillo a.k.a Perro, 37

Daniel Ramos a.k.a Danny, 35,

Ruben Guajardo a.k.a Guero G, 24

John Paul Figueroa, 26

Richard Rubio a.k.a Chino, 26

Flora Dayton, 51

David Ramos, 38

Kim Herrmann, 48

Lorenzo Azua, 34

Eli Palacios, 42


Harry Aguilar, Jr., a.k.a Charlie Brown, 34

Walter Smith, a.k.a., Puff, 26

Selwyn Martin, a.k.a Red, 43

Andres Vasquez, Jr., a.k.a. Andy, 42


Juan Fuentes a.k.a Juanillo, 34, Grand Prairie

Timothy Russell, 48, Hico

Faustino G. Fernandez, 31, Houston

Alvaro Garza, 32, Rio Grande City

Bobby Bradford of Waco