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What Wade Phillips said ... What Wade Phillips could have said

What Dallas Cowboys coach Wade Phillips had to say after the Cowboys' 34-14 loss to the St. Louis Rams, plus what he could have said:

What Wade said: “We shouldn't get beat like that.”

What Wade could have said: “We shouldn't get beat by them.”

What Wade said: “I'm angry, I'm disappointed, and I'm embarrassed.”

What Wade could have said: “I'm in trouble.”

What Wade said: “The only thing positive is we do have nine more games that we can get it turned around.”

What Wade could have said: “I just hope I'm here for all nine of them.”

What Wade said: “This is the worst game this team has played since I’ve been here.”

What Wade could have said: “And you saw the Cardinals game last week, and the Bengals game the week before, and the Redskins game the week before that.”

What Wade said: “We would have liked the chance to be more productive with him [Roy Williams]. He only practiced a little bit last week, so I think we’ll see him more next week.”

What Wade could have said: “Unless he comes in first thing Monday and demands that we trade him back to Detroit.”

What Wade said: “I thought we practiced well. Our focus was good in practice.”

What Wade could have said: “I sure would like to have a talk with the coach who said you play like you practice.”

What Wade said: “No, I didn’t say that [this team can't turn around the season]. I said it doesn’t look like that right now, after this game, no it doesn’t. But I think we will. But we’ve got to do something about it. It can’t just happen. It’s not going to just turn into something. We’ve got to do something more about it.”

What Wade could have said: “Yeah, I don't know what any of that means, either.”

What Wade said: “I think your 'stink' comment comes in pretty well this week.”

What Wade could have said: Not much else.