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Texas AG wants tighter rules for registered sex offenders

DALLAS -- Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott on Wednesday called for new laws that will require registered sex offenders to register their cell phone numbers, email addresses, and on-line profiles for Internet use.

Abbott made the call after last week's arrest of a 34-year-old Dallas man who was wanted by authorities for not meeting court-ordered sex offender registration requirements.

The attorney general said that although Clarence Augustine had been listed as a fugitive since 2006, he operated an exotic modeling and dancing business through, the social networking Web site.

"Though social networking Web sites are virtual hangouts for teens in Texas, they are also a playground for predators to target their next victims," Abbott said.

Augustine was convicted in 1999 of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl and he served three years in prison, Abbott said.

If Augustine had registered as the attorney general has suggested, authorities could have tracked him down more quickly, Abbott said.