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Rain highlights mid-week forecast in North Texas

Did you quit watering your lawn, thinking rain would show up soon?

And is your lawn starting to look a little brown?

Perhaps the latest forecast will give you hope.

There's a 30 percent chance for scattered showers Tuesday in North Texas and, in fact, lunchtime pedestrians in downtown Fort Worth were greeted by showers.

But it doesn't stop there.

The chances increase to 40 percent Tuesday evening and 50 percent Wednesday.

Three factors are conspiring to create this forecast, said Jessica Schultz, meteorologist for the National Weather Service in Fort Worth.

She said Tuesday morning that a slow-moving cold front was headed toward Texas from the west, while a storm system over the Rockies was sliding south into the state.

Meanwhile, she added, Texas was already dampened with moisture from remnants of Hurricane Norbert after it rolled onto the west coast of Mexico over the weekend.

That humidity, she added, was in the in upper atmosphere, which is typical of Pacific moisture that has to clear Mexican mountain ranges if it is to reach Texas.

"We have plenty of that in the area," Schultz said. "The rain will be scattered in nature, with our best chances being tomorrow during the day.

"And that will end it. It will be dry through the weekend. Finally we'll have some dry fall weather in North Texas for the weekend."

It will be cooler, too.

"Today will be the last day in the 80s -- about 85 degrees," Schultz said. "The highs for the rest of the week will be in the mid to upper 70s."

Tuesday's low temperature was expected to 68, but the low readings through end of the week will probably be in the mid-50s, Schultz said.