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Arlington home hit by 'flaming object' through window

A grudge may have resulted in what appeared to be an arson fire early Tuesday at a home in south Arlington, a fire investigator said.

Firefighters were called at 1:44 a.m. to the 7500 block of Thunderbird Drive where the front bedroom of a home had been torched by a flaming object.

The device had been thrown through a window, according to reports.

The flames were quickly doused at the home where a young man and his parents lived.

"It looks like the fire was intentionally set," said Darin Niederhaus, fire investigator. "This may be retaliation with another incident with this family."

Niederhaus said he wasn't sure what kind of device was used because of the extensive fire damage in the bedroom. The flames were stopped there, although the house was filled with smoke.

"It was what we call a one-room burn out," Niederhaus said.

Initial reports stated that a man was coughing while calling 911, but he was afraid to leave the house because he thought someone might be waiting for him outside, although he eventually went out through the garage.

Niederhaus said he didn't know the details of the dispute and that he had to have more interviews with the family.

No suspects or arrests were reported.