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What Wade Phillips said ... What Wade Phillips could have said

What Dallas Cowboys coach Wade Phillips had to say after the Cowboys' 30-24 loss in overtime to the Arizona Cardinals, plus what he could have said:

His initial postgame assessment:

What Wade said: “Well, it was almost a miracle finish for us.”

What Wade could have said: “The way we're playing now, it will take a miracle finish for us to make the playoffs.”

Assessing Tony Romo's play:

What Wade said: “Sporadic, like our team probably. I think our team played the same way.”

What Wade could have said: “And there's probably a connection between those two.”

When asked whether Tony Romo's continued problem protecting the football is a concern:

What Wade said: “That's a concern.”

What Wade could have said: “Is the Pope Catholic?”

On Marion Barber's 70-yard touchdown catch-and-run with two minutes remaining:

What Wade said: “We had some good blocks on that, and Marion made a great run along with it.”

What Wade could have said: “Not to mention their defenders decided to start tackling like our special teams guys.”

On the Cardinals' defense contributing to the Cowboys' early offensive struggles:

What Wade said: “They've played really well at home.”

What Wade could have said: “The only reason the Jets scored 56 points against this defense two weeks ago is because they didn't play here.”

On the Cowboys' defense in the first half:

What Wade said: “The defense played really good. I don't think they made a first down there for a long time.”

What Wade could have said: “Of course, they did make a first down before we did. So I guess that means we didn't make a first down for a really long time.”

On Kurt Warner moving the Cardinals' offense in the second half:

What Wade said: “He can throw the football. They can throw the ball.”

What Wade could have said: “There seem to be a lot of quarterbacks and teams these days that can throw the ball when they play us.”