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$1.85 gas in Lake Worth has cars lined up 30 deep

LAKE WORTH -- Two Lake Worth gas station owners agree they caused a ruckus Friday afternoon with $1.85 gas, they just don't agree on how their prices got there.

The prices drew quite a crowd, with about 100 cars lined up and several Lake Worth police officers and city employees out directing traffic.

Amber Peters of Lake Worth said she waited almost an hour, but the 18-year-old, like many others, said it was well worth it.

The two privately owned stations in the 6600 block of Azle Avenue were still at $1.85 when the sun set Friday, and both had been dropping prices since early Friday afternoon.

Jaswinder Singh, who owns one of the two stations, said his sign hit $1.85 at about 3:29 p.m. and an hour later the line reached to Boat Club Road, almost three-fourths of a mile away.

The ground around his price sign was littered with plastic numbers from all the changes.

"Every day the customers come and say, 'When are you going to $1.99?'" Singh said. "So we did."

Ozair Khalid, who owns the station across the street, said he and Singh had planned a drop to $2.99, "and it just went down from there."

Khalid was busy Friday making change, most everyone who prepaid with cash overpayed, some by twice as much.

"I'm taking a big loss, but it's all right," Khalid said. "It makes everybody happy and there are a lot of people going through hard times now."

Singh said he's always looking for attention for his station because it's so close to busy throughways like Loop 820 and Highway 199, but just far enough away to not be noticed.

"This just shows them that we're here," he said.