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Dallas Cowboys' Terrell Owens explains his tears on Sunday

IRVING — Dallas Cowboys receiver Terrell Owens has finally shared the reason for his sideline tears during Sunday’s game against the Bengals.

And no, he was not mad about his touches, considering he had only one reception prior to the 57-yard touchdown pass in the fourth quarter.

Owens, a guest on The Michael Irvin Show on 103.3 FM ESPN Radio on Tuesday, said his tears resulted from playing with a heavy heart following the death of a family member.

"Everything that happened on Sunday, I had talked [about with] my pastor Anthony Gardner out of Philadelphia the night before the game," Owens said. "When I got emotional, it was an anointed emotion, is what he explained to me.

"When it happened, I knew it was going to happen. He told me the night before it was going to happen, so when I went to the sideline, the emotions hit me."

Owens didn’t talk to the media after the game. He read a short statement that he wrote the night before.

Owens said the tears had nothing to do with the media frenzy that developed last week after he said he needed to be more involved in the offense. According to some reports, Owens complained about his role to quarterback Tony Romo after the loss to Washington on Sept. 28.

Owens said he is a spiritual person and that his emotions were predestined.

"God was going to put me in a situation to make that statement," Owens said. "I knew it was going to happen."

Owens said he understood there would be questions about his actions and how they would be perceived.

One week after 18 passes were thrown his direction and still wondering if he was involved enough, Owens saw only three passes thrown his way against the Bengals.

Owens said he knew all eyes were watching his body language during the game and that he made a point to walk straight to the sideline without showing any emotion.

Owens, who was encouraged by teammates and even owner Jerry Jones, said he knew his opportunity was going to come.

"There are people in the booth that say I look troubled," Owens said. "Don’t judge me based on what you think I said or what you think I meant. I am not perfect by any means. I make mistakes. But I know who I am at heart. I play with a passion on the football field. I have a lot of faith in my ability."

Still, concerns remain about Owens’ role in the offense. He has only 19 catches for 331 yards and five touchdowns and is on pace to finish the season with 61 receptions, his lowest total in a full season since 1999, when he caught just 60 passes with the 49ers.