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Fort Worth man's kind act repaid with car-jacking

A Fort Worth man's act of kindness Wednesday night turned into an assault and car-jacking, police said.

The incident started at about 11:15 p.m. Wednesday when the 20-year-old man received a call from a woman he knew as "Crystal," who told him that she was stranded at the West Point Pines apartment complex in the 3000 block of Las Vegas Trail, said Lt. Paul Henderson, police spokesman.

The man told the woman he would come pick her up and drive her where she needed to go, Henderson said.

When he arrived at the complex, the man found the woman waiting and she asked him to get out of his 2006 Chevrolet Trail Blazer and give her a hug, Henderson said.

During the hug, the woman began pulling him away from the SUV and the man noticed another man walk up to the vehicle and look inside.

The SUV's owner tried to pull away from the woman, but another man tackled the Good Samaritan and they began to wrestle. The woman got into the driver's side of the SUV along with another woman, Henderson said.

The owner was able to break free and ran to the front of the apartment complex where he found two security guards. While talking with the guards, the Trail Blazer drove past them, occupied by two men and two women, Henderson said.

The guards got into a private vehicle and followed the SUV to another apartment complex on Las Vegas Trail.

The SUV stopped and the four people inside fled, Henderson said. The security guards tried to pursue the four, but could not catch them and subsequently called police.

The SUV's owner was not injured.

"The suspects are still at large however it will not be long before the so called 'friend' of the victim is identified," Henderson said. "He knows her name as "Crystal" but now knows her heart as stone cold..."