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Suspicious package in Dallas turns out to be rocks

DALLAS -- A suspicious box at a Dallas mail center forced authorities to evacuate 700 employees this morning, but hazardous material crews discovered that it only contained rocks, a fire official said.

About eight employees were being treated at the scene for breathing difficulties, authorities said.

“It could have been from the anxiety,” said Dallas Fire-Rescue Officer Jason Evans. “The hazmat crew didn’t find anything that could have caused it.”

The incident happened at the Dallas Bulk Mail Center in the 2400 block of Interstate 30.

Authorities responded to the scene this morning of a suspicious package at the mailing center.

“At the time, it was called it as a threat,” Evans said.

When firefighters arrived, an employee who found the package complained of breathing difficulties and another seven employees also had similar symptoms, Evans said.

But hazardous material crews found only rocks in the suspicious box once they opened it, authorities said.

As of 8:15 a.m. today, some employees were still being treated at the scene.