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Robbers with radios get about $3,000 from Fort Worth home

A trio of robbers used two-way radios, possibly to communicate with a getaway driver, while robbing a home of at least $3,000 in cash and jewelry early Sunday in northeast Fort Worth, police said.

The robbery was reported shortly after midnight in 600 block of Rosemere Avenue, where the owner of a north-side bar lived with her 26-year-old son, according to a police report.

The son told police that he believed the robbers were after $3,000 cash from the bar, which they got, the report stated.

He told police that he heard someone coming through the window of the home and he at first thought it was his cousin playing a joke on him.

"By the time he realized it was not his cousin, the first (robber) had the gun pointed at him and told him to lay on the bed, face down," according to the report.

The robber, who was joined by two other accomplices used the charger chord for a cell phone to tie up the man, the report stated.

They made him lie face down and when he turned to look at them he was hit on the top of his head with a gun, the report stated.

The robbers also told him not to look at them, but he noticed that they were all wearing gloves, according to the report.

They demanded all the money in the house and the man responded that he had $40 in his wallet, which they took but then they kept searching the house, according to the report.

Police said they subsequently learned that the man's mother owns a north-side bar, so she had about $3,000 cash in her room.

According to her son, that money was also taken, the police report stated.

The man "stated that the three (robbers) inside the house were communicating with another individual outside via two-way radios, possibly the driver of the vehicle used to flee," the report stated.

They fled with the money and some jewelry, but left the man bound by the charger chord. He freed himself and drove to his mother's bar to report the incident.

He later told police that the only description he had was that one man was wearing a white shirt and the other wore a brown shirt.

"(The man) said that he saw two subjects at his mom's bar that he thought could be involved, but only because they were wearing similar shirts," the report stated. "(He) seemed to think the suspects knew his mother owned that bar and this was some how related to that fact."

No suspects or arrests were reported Monday morning.