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What Wade Phillips said ... What Wade Phillips could have said

What Dallas Cowboys coach Wade Phillips had to say after the Cowboys' 26-24 loss to the Washington Redskins, plus what he could have said:

On the NFC East:

What Wade said: “This division is a tough division. I’ve said it all along, and these kinds of games are the reasons why.”

What Wade could have said: “This division is a tough division, and now three of our final four road games within the division are on the road.”

On whether Tony Romo's costly interception has become a trend:

What Wade said: “Well, you know, we don’t want turnovers. And we need to get some. We didn’t get any. You’re fighting a battle every time that you lose the turnover battle. They haven’t turned the ball over this year, and we didn’t get one from them. And they got one from us that was a big play.”

What Wade could have said: “Yes.”

On the Cowboys defense's penalty for having 12 men on the field:

What Wade said: “I can’t understand how two players playing the same position can be standing in there. I just can’t – I can’t fathom that. I mean, you’re standing right next to each other.”

What Wade could have said: “At least we found a way to stop their run game on that play.”

On the end of the game:

What Wade said: “Playing from behind, we fought back at the end, but it was too late. We almost made the play. Can’t count on a miracle play at the end of every game like that.”

What Wade could have said: “You should, however, be able to count on an NFL receiver catching an onside kick that goes right between his hands.”

On the Redskins' Santana Moss:

What Wade said: “He’s a really great receiver now. This guy’s a Pro Bowl receiver.”

What Wade could have said: “As long as he plays us twice a season, he'll remain a Pro Bowl receiver.”

On allowing the Redskins to rush for 161 yards:

What Wade said: “We’re going to have to address that this week. We’ll do a better job.”

What Wade could have said: “Like how I'm going out on a limb there right before we play Cincinnati?”