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Driver's license found near dead woman in Denton County

A driver's license found Thursday near the body of an unidentified woman in Denton County may yield clues about who she was, although a positive identification had not yet been made Friday morning, a sheriff's spokesman said.

The discovery was made at a vacant mobile home just south of the Paloma Creek community, which is south of U.S. Highway 380. The area is near the north side of Lake Lewisville, east of Denton.

Deputies received a 911 call about 5:20 p.m. from a member of a cleaning crew about a vile odor at a mobile home in the 1400 block of Izzy Lane, said Tom Reedy, the sheriff's spokesman.

"The caller stated that the body of what appeared to be a child was discovered in a bed," Reedy said in a news release. "The house was supposed to have been vacant for at least a month, according to the caller."

Investigators have since determined that "the body was that of a woman of short stature," Reedy said.

"A driver’s license of a 53-year-old woman was found near the body," he added. "The body appeared to match the identification information on the license, but a positive identification could not be made because it was in an advanced stage of decomposition."

The Tarrant County medical examiner, which handles cases for Denton County, will try to make a positive identification of the woman and determine how she died, Reedy said.