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North Texas gas prices drop this week, as Ike Effect ebbs

Retail gasoline prices in North Texas have dropped in the past week despite scattered shortages caused by hurricane disruptions at Gulf Coast refineries, AAA-Texas said Thursday.

In Fort Worth-Arlington as well as Dallas, the average price of self-service unleaded was just over $3.64 a gallon, down 6 cents from a week earlier. Statewide, the average was down about a dime to $3.60, and nationally it was down 13.5 cents to $3.70, AAA said.

¡§The hurricane and related supply issues caused a temporary spike in gas prices across the state that is now reversing itself,¡¨ said AAA-Texas spokeswoman Sarah Schimmer„© in Houston. ¡§Refineries are not yet back up to 100 percent, but every day refining capacity is improving,¡¨ she said.