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Wooden pallets burn in south Fort Worth

FORT WORTH -- Firefighters have contained a massive pallet fire in south Fort Worth Thursday morning but will likely remain on scene for several hours putting out hot spots, officials said.

Lt. Kent Worley, fire department spokesman, said "well over a million" wooden pallets burned in the blaze at Metroplex Wood Products, 2201 W. Risinger Road, creating a large fire that's nearly impossible to extinguish.

Flames reached about 70 feet into the pre-dawn sky, creating a glow that could be seen throughout the south side of Fort Worth. Large columns of black smoke were visible after sunup in the area.

"It's like the bonfire at Texas A&M," Worley said. "Once that gets going, you're not putting it out. It falls in on itself. You have a lot of hidden flames and heat built up. It's a long process to go through there to pull it apart and soak it real good."

Worley said firefighters were called to the blaze about 3:30 a.m. By 8:30 a.m., the fire had grown to a three-alarm assignment because of the need for manpower and additional water lines to put out hot spots.

Because the fire occurred in a rural area with only one hydrant in the immediate area, firefighters had to deal with a shortage of water, Worley said. He said firefighters, however, were able to connect to a second hydrant further south of the fire on Crowley Road.

"They've brought in tankers from both Fort Worth and Burleson to help," Worley said.

Worley said the fire also destroyed at least one of the company's buildings.

Worley said nobody was hurt in the fire. He said firefighters sprayed foam atop the roof of a nearby home.

"It gives a blanket of protection," he said. "That's the only house that is anywhere near there. Everything else is industrial."

Worley said it is unknown if sparks from trains traveling on nearby railroad tracks could have caused the fire.

Staff Writer Bill Miller contributed to this report.