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School officials ask that charges be dropped against Flower Mound pranksters

Two Flower Mound High School seniors spent 16 hours in jail over the weekend after sprinting onto the field between the third and fourth quarters of Friday night’s homecoming game against North Crowley dressed as a gorilla and banana.

The incident was captured on video, which was posted on YouTube and has garnered thousands of Internet hits.

School officials have decided that the jail time was enough legal punishment and have requested that trespassing charges be dropped against the men, who were identified as Sean Kight, 18, and Curtis Patton, 17. It was unclear who wore the banana suit and who dressed as a gorilla.

Lewisville school district spokeswoman Karen Permetti said there was a miscommunication between school officials and police about whether they should be charged with a Class B or Class C misdemeanor.

"We thought they would get a ticket," Permetti said. "Then we thought their parents would be called."

The students could still face a school punishment of up to 10 days in an alternative education program. That punishment would not be released publicly because it is subject to educational privacy laws, Permetti said.

"The exact punishment will be up to the discretion of the principal," she said.