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Thieves give Fort Worth wig shop owner bad hair day

FORT WORTH -- It was an apparent family affair to steal hair.

Police say the owner of the Wigs and Beauty Supply, 5721 Lovell Ave., found himself in a hairy situation Monday afternoon when he was assaulted by one of a trio of women apparently intent on never having a bad hair day again.

The three women walked into the business at 1:45 p.m. and quickly split up. One headed to back of the store. The second remained up front as the apparent look-out. The third combed the aisles, stuffing items into her bag.

When confronted, police say the third suspect opened her bag to reveal hair extensions and a wig, but then refused the owner’s order that she put the items back. Instead, the woman grabbed the owner by the throat, pushed him against a wall and reached into her waistband as if she had a weapon, only stopping when one of the other women yelled, "Mom, let’s go."

The three women fled the store in a waiting minivan with two men inside. Police had not seen hide nor hair of them as of Tuesday.

Lt. Paul Henderson, police spokesman, said the owner was not seriously injured, just "wigged out" over the incident.