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Hummers popular target of vandals, Southlake police say

SOUTHLAKE -- Hummer owners beware, someone is out to key your vehicle.

For the past two years, police estimated that at least 12 Hummers have been reported being keyed at various locations in the city. And there could be more, but owners never reported it, authorities said.

The most recent incident happened on Sept. 5 as an unidentified man is shown in a surveillance-camera video scratching X’s on both sides of a 2008 Hummer in the parking lot at Carroll Senior High School.

Police released the video and photographs of the man on Tuesday to the news media, hoping someone would recognize him.

But police said Thursday they had not identified him even though they had received more than 24 tips from callers.

“We’re checking every call, but we haven’t been able to identify him,” Southlake Officer Roderick Page said Thursday.

The vandal in the Sept. 5 incident caused $2,220 damage to the vehicle, which is owned by a student, police said.

The “keying” happened at 11:38 a.m. on Sept. 5 in the lot at 1501 W. Southlake Blvd. The motion-activated surveillance camera was mounted on the Hummer.

Police believe that the man left in a light brown or gold Honda or BMW.

Authorities have not linked the man to any of the past vandalism cases in the city involving Hummers.

Page said the “keying” of Hummers and other vehicles has been a problem in the city for the past two years. In that time, about 24 vehicles have been targeted in residential neighborhoods and at Southlake Town Square, he said. Of those, 12 have been Hummers, Page said.

“The X’s have been used a few times and sometimes it’s just been a straight line,” Page said. “We’ve also had obscene words written on vehicles with a key.”

Anyone with information on the Sept. 5 incident, should call Southlake police at 817-748-8128.