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Flustered bandit leaves Fort Worth bank empty-handed

FORT WORTH -- A man’s attempt to rob a south Fort Worth bank Tuesday morning apparently netted him nothing but frustration, police say.

Lt. Paul Henderson said the man entered the Washington Mutual bank at 5017 S. Hulen St. about 10 a.m. and handed a bank employees a threatening note demanding money.

Problem was, Henderson said., the teller had no money to hand over.

“The teller looked at the note, then at the young man. She looked at the note again and then gave the young man a confused look which apparently flustered the bold bandit, prompting him to run out of the bank empty handed,” Henderson wrote in a press release.

Henderson said most Washington Mutual banks do not have money on hand. Instead, he said, the banks issue customers receipts which are used to withdraw money from automated teller machines.