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What Wade Phillips said ... What Wade Phillips could have said

Wade Phillips is fun to have around. He displays his sense of humor during interviews and his answers usually match the questions. (Check other coaches around the NFL and count how many you could say that about.) And, every now and then, he'll give you an answer that makes you wonder where that idea came from. Here is what the Cowboys' coach had to say after his team's 41-37 defeat of the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday night, plus what he could have said:

On looking ahead to playing Green Bay on Sunday night:

What Wade said: “That will be a tough, tough game in Green Bay. I really don't want to think about it right now.”

What Wade could have said: “They scored 48 points Sunday, and now I've got to take a defense in there that gave up 37 at home tonight.”

Defending the play of his defense:

What Wade said: “They had about three or four touchdowns from the 1-yard line on us.”

What Wade could have said: “Don't blame my defense for 1-yard touchdowns even though they had the ball on our 1 because they drove it there each time against our defense.”

On Tony Romo's performance:

What Wade said: “Tony Romo had a heckuva game. He had over 300 yards passing, no interceptions, no sacks.”

What Wade could have said: “Tony Romo had a heckuva game. He had over 300 yards passing, one interception, no sacks.”

On the kickoff returns of rookie Felix Jones:

What Wade said: “Felix is a threat back there, so they tried to kick it away from him a little bit.”

What Wade could have said: “Where are those Rashard Mendenhall questions now?”

On running down the sideline during Jones' 98-yard kickoff return for a touchdown:

What Wade said: “There was no way I could catch him. No way I could catch him.”

What Wade could have said: “Now, Charlie Weis – I could catch him right now since he's on crutches.”

On Cowboys penalties:

What Wade said: “We had a couple of penalties that really hurt us.

What Wade could have said: “Those other eight penalties didn't really hurt us.”