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Couple hurt when car strikes moped in Irving

IRVING -- Police searched for clues Monday to identify a hit-and-run car that struck a moped early Saturday on Airport Freeway, injured a couple and dragged the damaged two-wheeler for more than a mile before the motorist pulled off the highway and knocked it loose from under his vehicle.

The small black car hit the moped, knocking a 31-year-old Fort Worth man and a 31-year-old Irving woman off their vehicle, police said. The man suffered head injuries while the woman had a broken hip, police said.

Police identified the driver of the moped as Isaac Morgan and his passenger as Charlotte Smith.

The incident happened shortly before 12:30 a.m. Saturday in the 1900 block of Airport Freeway.

The moped and car were eastbound when the two-wheeler was hit from behind, police said. On impact, the moped lodged under the car, police said.

The motorist drove for more than a mile before pulling off the highway in the 2000 block of Britain Road and into a parking lot.

Witnesses told police that the man repeatedly drove over curbs and knocked the moped off.

The car was described as small and black possibly a Ford Probe. The motorist may have been Hispanic.

Anyone with information should call Irving police at 972-721-2518.