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Gridiron Guru: Which S-T Sports staffer has the best NFL game

Most pick 'em contests begin with Week 1 of the NFL season. But what does that get you? After last week, misses thanks to the injury to Tom Brady and poor performances by the Chargers and Colts.

Our sports geniuses at the Daily Ticket have decided to begin their pick 'em contest with Week 2. Follow their standings through the NFL season and see who reigns supreme.

New England Patriots at New York Jets (-2)

David Thomas, "Expert" Picker/Humor Columnist: Pick:

Keeli Garza: Patriots, 17-14

Scooter Hendon: Patriots, 16-13

Scott McCoy: Patriots, 20-17

Seth Schrock: Patriots, 21-20

San Francisco 49ers at Seattle Seahawks (-7)

Scott McCoy, Fantasy Sports "Genius"/Resident Hater:

Keeli Garza: Seahawks, 27-7

Scooter Hendon: 49ers, 28-24

Seth Schrock: 49ers, 14-10

David Thomas: Seahawks, 28-13

Indianapolis Colts at Minnesota Vikings (+1.5)

Keeli Garza, S-T Sports webmaster/Token Girl: Pick:

Scooter Hendon: Colts, 30-20

Scott McCoy: Colts, 21-17

Seth Schrock: Vikings, 34-21

David Thomas: Colts, 27-23

New Orleans Saints at Washington Redskins (pick)

Scooter Hendon, Stats Geek/NFL Idiot: Pick:

Keeli Garza: Saints, 21-10

Scott McCoy: Saints 31-13

Seth Schrock: Saints, 38-17

David Thomas: Saints, 20-13

Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys (-7)

Seth Schrock: NFL "Expert"/Human St. Louis Pick:

Keeli Garza: Cowboys, 31-17

Scooter Hendon: Cowboys, 24-21

Scott McCoy: Cowboys, 27-14

David Thomas: Cowboys, 31-17