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VP candidate Palin coming to N. Texas for fundraiser

Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin will be in North Texas for a fundraiser on Oct. 3.

This may be the first trip back since the 44-year-old Alaska governor -- then about eight months pregnant -- traveled to Grapevine in April for a Republican Governors Association forum. Before she spoke, she felt her water break. But she gave her speech and then hopped a plane back to Alaska, where her baby was born.

The cost to attend the fundraiser at the Fairmont in Dallas ranges from $1,000 for a guest ticket to $57,000 per couple to chair the event and funds will go to the National Republican Committee.

Since being named the vice presidential pick of Sen. John McCain, Palin has electrified and excited crowds stretching from Texas to Minnesota. In the weeks since she was named to the No. 2 slot on the ballot, about 4,000 volunteers have signed up with the Tarrant County Republican Party, said Stephanie Klick, who heads the party.

"People are treating this like it's the second coming of Reagan," Klick said.

The fundraiser will be at noon Oct. 3 at The Fairmont. Organizers say they don't know if Palin's trip might include a public rally.