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Fort Worth jury gives man death for Putt-Putt killing

FORT WORTH -- A former Putt-Putt employee convicted of killing an assistant manager at the Hurst business and robbing it of less than $700 in 2006 is now scheduled to die for his crime.

A Tarrant County jury of seven men and five women sentenced Paul David Storey, 23, Friday to death by lethal injection after deliberating less than two hours.

Prosecutors Christy Jack and Robert Foran sought the death penalty against the Fort Worth man for killing Jonas Cherry, 28, on Oct. 16, 2006 at the Putt-Putt Golf & Games in Hurst.

The same jury convicted Storey of capital murder on Wednesday.

The man who police say was his accomplice, Mark Porter, 22, is also charged with capital murder in the shooting death. Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty against Porter whose trial is scheduled in the next few weeks.

Storey and another bandit rushed into the Hurst business on the morning of Oct. 16, 2006 and herded Cherry into an office, according to testimony in the trial.

After removing surveillance tapes in the office, the robbers ordered Cherry to open a safe and fill a bag with cash.

Cherry was shot twice in the head and twice in the legs as he knelt and begged for his life, according to the testimony.

The robbers then fled.

Investigators got a lead after they found a surveillance tape that the bandits missed. The images showed a maroon two-door Ford Explorer leaving Putt-Putt.

Hurst police received a tip that the vehicle belonged to Storey.