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Horse gets a kick out of Fort Worth patrol car

FORT WORTH -- A Fort Worth police officer discovered the hard way Thursday afternoon that holding your horses isn’t always that easy.

According to a police report, officers were attempting to corral a loose horse in the 3100 block of Pioneer Street in southeast Fort Worth -- to prevent it from sprinting into traffic -- until its owner or professional wranglers could be called.

But the horse, which had temporarily taken a break to eat some grass in a resident’s front yard, wasn’t into horsing around with officers and tried to elude them by trotting east.

When its path of escape was blocked by patrol cars, the horse kicked one of the patrol cars with its back feet, damaging the fender and spotlight, and punching a hole in the lower left side of the windshield, the report stated.

The horse then jumped over the front of the car, galloped east toward Wichita Street and was last spotted jumping a fence and fleeing into Forest Hill.

Lt. Paul Henderson, police spokesman, said the department was later notified that the horse had made it back to its owner.

“A warrant for arrest is currently being written after showing a photo spread to the officer who tangled with the horse,” joked Henderson. “The officer positively identified the horse that was able to elude police. The horse shows to have a history of running.”