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Killer's family asks Fort Worth jury to spare son and brother

FORT WORTH -- Dressed in his white Navy uniform, Larry Brooks pleaded Thursday afternoon before a Tarrant County jury for the life of his older brother, a convicted killer of an assistant manager at a Hurst Putt-Putt Golf & Games in 2006.

Marilyn Grant begged the jurors to spare the life of her son Paul David Storey, who was found guilty of capital murder in the point-blank slaying of Jonas Cherry during a holdup.

And David V. Storey asked the jury of seven men and five women to let his 23-year-old son live even though he had not seen him in more than 20 years.

But prosecutors Christy Jack and Robert Foran will ask for the death penalty Friday as the jury is scheduled to start deliberating the fate of the former Putt-Putt employee after closing arguments.

Testimony ended Thursday afternoon in Criminal District Court No. 3.

Meanwhile, defense attorneys Bill Ray and Larry Moore will argue for a life sentence.

For most of Thursday, Moore and Ray called on more than 10 witnesses including former teachers, ex-relatives and friends who told jurors what a model student Storey was and the trust they had with him.

As he sat in his wheelchair near the witness stand, David Storey pleaded for his son.

"I hope not," David Storey said when asked by Ray about the possibility that the jury of seven men and five women could sentence his son to death.

Dressed in a gray sports coat, a light blue shirt, a blue tie and dark pants, Paul David Storey stared straight ahead as his father testified.

Because of his breakup with Paul Storey's mother, David Storey testified Thursday afternoon that he last saw his son when he was a toddler.

The man police say was his accomplice, Mark Porter, 22, also is charged with capital murder in the shooting death of Cherry, 28. Prosecutors are also seeking the death penalty against Porter; his trial is scheduled to start in a few weeks.

What happened: Two robbers rushed in when Cherry answered a buzzer at a back door. Cherry was forced to an area known as the clubhouse.

After removing surveillance tapes in an office, the robbers forced Cherry to open a safe and fill a bag with cash.

Cherry was shot twice in the head and twice in the legs as he knelt and pleaded for his life, according to testimony in the trial.

The haul: Prosecutors said the robbers took less than $700. Immediately after the holdup and slaying, the two bandits went to a Braum's Ice Cream and Dairy Store, and ordered hamburgers. They then went on a shopping spree at Cash America.

After the holdup: The robbers missed one of the surveillance tapes. Images from video surveillance released to the news media showed a maroon two-door Ford Explorer leaving the Putt-Putt.

A tipster told investigators that the vehicle belonged to Storey.

Storey and Porter were arrested a few days later.