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Police: Charges unlikely in case of child swallowing Xanax

FORT WORTH -- Charges are not likely to be sought against the father of a 1-year-old girl who was hospitalized after swallowing half a tablet of Xanax, police said Wednesday.

Lt. Paul Henderson said an ongoing investigation has indicated the girl ingested the Xanax accidentally Sunday evening while at the house of a friend of the father. The friend, Henderson said, is physically challenged and takes prescription Xanax by doctor’s orders.

"Apparently what happened is the friend cuts his pills in half and only takes one half a pill at a time," Henderson said. "As he turned around to put the half not being taken back into the prescription bottle, the little girl ate the pill that was left on the table."

Henderson said neither the girl's father, nor the friend, saw the girl take the Xanax but rushed her to the hospital after being unable to find the pill and noticing that the girl had begun acting strangely.

Tests at Cook Children's Medical Center confirmed the girl had taken the Xanax and also showed marijuana in her system.

"The cause is likely from exposure to second-hand smoke," Henderson said.

The girl is expected to make a full recovery, Henderson said.

Child Protective Services is also continuing to investigate, he said.