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Police: Steroids seized in Grapevine valued at $100,000

GRAPEVINE -- Authorities seized more than $100,000 worth of anabolic steroids from inside a Grapevine apartment last week as well as a package that arrived there, police said Monday.

A 31-year-old man was arrested on Sept. 2, accused of receiving the package which had been intercepted by federal authorities in New York and tracked to Grapevine, police said.

Police continued their investigation Monday to determine where the steroids where headed once they arrived here.

“They (investigators) are looking into a phone list that also was seized,” Grapevine police Sgt. Kim Smith said Monday.

Police identified the suspect as Maen Odeh who received the package, sent from Zarka, Jordan, by IBC Courier, according to search warrant affidavits released Monday.

Odeh faces 11 different drug charges, including possession and delivery, police said.

Odeh was free Monday after posting $75,000 bail on Friday afternoon.

The interception: U.S. Immigration and Custom Enforcement agents discovered a damaged package in late August at JFK International Airport in New York. Liquid vials and pills bottles were found inside a frame of an illuminated picture in the package. The package was addressed to “Maik Oder” in the 2700 block of Grapevine Mills Boulevard North in Grapevine.

The package arrives: Under the custody of federal and local police, the package was delivered Sept. 2 at the Grapevine apartment. Odeh was arrested a few minutes after taking the package.

Odeh: He could not be reached Monday for comment. According to the affidavits, Odeh has a Texas driver’s license, but he also has an Arizona driver’s license with an address in El Mirage, Ariz. The affidavit stated that

Odeh is a native of Kuwait and that he is a conditional resident of the United States. He has no criminal history, according to the affidavit.


These are the anabolic steroids and dangerous drugs seized in Grapevine. The drugs are:

  • 320 ampules of testosterone and testosterone mix
  • 167 ampules of nandrolone deconoate
  • 100 tablets of mesterlone
  • 20 bottles of methandienone
  • 15 bottles of clenbuterol tablets
  • 13 ampules of nandrolone
  • 4 bottles of cytomel
  • 2 bottles of oxymethalone
  • 20 bottles of methandienone
  • Source: Grapevine search warrant affidavit