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Taking sides in the Wii Baseball Battle

It’s late in the Major League baseball season and yet two Wii baseball titles -- MLB Power Pros 2008 & Mario Super Sluggers -- have hit the market recently.

Now picking between the two is quite simple actually.

Hardcore baseball fans need to go with Power Pros 2008 and its straight forward classic baseball action. Power Pros offers a larger variety of real pitches plus actual Major League rosters and teams.

However, Power Pros 2008 rarely differs from the original version other than the new, updated rosters.

Mario Super Sluggers certainly brings a higher level of interactivity, as well as kooky variety with fireball pitches and power-up batting. Unlockable players and goofy stadiums with hazards in the outfield means Mario Super Sluggers brings a far less stoic version of baseball.

In this case “less stoic” means quite simply a more fun version of the national pastime.

The Cost:

MLB Power Pros 2008 retails for $39.99.

Mario Super Sluggers retails for $49.99.

Our winner: Mario Super Sluggers.