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Dallas firefighters battle 4-alarm fire at scrap metal facility

DALLAS -- Firefighters were battling a four-alarm blaze late Wednesday at the Gold Metal Recyclers at 4305 S. Lamar St.

The fire, located in a pile of scrap metal at the south Dallas lot, started about 6 p.m., said Lt. Joel Lavender, a fire department spokesman.

Several businesses along Lamar Street were evacuated as a precaution, Lavender said, and officials planned to test the cloud of smoke coming from the blaze to ensure that it didn't contain toxins.

Company officials said they doubted that any airborne toxins were released by the fire, Lavender said. No injuries had been reported.

Leamon Davis, who lives in a residential area adjacent to the lot, said he was scared as he saw the blaze start with the smoldering scraps of metal and evolve into a large plume of smoke.

"Fear and apprehension are understatements," Leamon said, describing his reaction.

The company, founded in 1976, recycles thousands of tons of scrap metal every year from the 35-acre facility in south Dallas, according to the company's Web site.