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Testimony begins in Putt-Putt murder trial

FORT WORTH -- Two gunmen entered Putt-Putt & Games in Hurst on a rainy morning in October 2006, fired two shots into the head of an assistant manager and then fled, a prosecutor said Tuesday morning.

One of those gunmen -- Paul David Storey -- went on trial for his life Tuesday in Criminal District Court No. 3, accused of killing Jonas Cherry, 28.

The capital murder trial is expected to take about two weeks as prosecutors have more than 20 witnesses set to testify in the slaying that happened on Oct. 16, 2006.

A man accused of being an accomplice, Mark Porter, 22, also is charged with capital murder and his trial is scheduled in a few weeks. Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty.

Opening statements

Prosecutor Robert Foran told the Tarrant County jury that when Storey, 23, was questioned about his pickup being at the entertainment center on the morning of the shooting, he gave various stories about the holdup and shooting.

"Only two people on Oct. 16 entered the building ... Paul Storey and Mark Porter," Foran told jurors in his opening statement. “They planned it the night before. Two guns. Two individuals. They fired at the back of his head.”

Prosecutor Christy Jack and Foran are the prosecutors in the case.

But defense attorney Bill Ray of Fort Worth raised questions about the investigation.

"Originally, tests results on the guns were difficult," Ray said in his opening statement. "Then a month ago, the ME(medical examiner’s) determines there were two guns."

Ray along with Larry Moore of Fort Worth are Storey's defense attorneys.

What happened

Cherry arrived to work at Putt-Putt and answered a buzzer at a back door.

Two robbers rushed in, grabbed Cherry and forced him to an area known as the clubhouse.

Two surveillance tapes were retrieved from an office as the robbers forced Cherry to open a safe and fill a bag with cash.

As he was kneeling and pleading for his life, Cherry was shot in the back of the head. He was then shot several more times.

The robbers then fled.

An employee finds Cherry's body

Former Putt-Putt employee Tim Flow testified Tuesday that he found Cherry’s body lying on a floor with blood everywhere.

"At first because it was close to Halloween, I thought it was a bad joke," Flow said Tuesday. "It didn’t look real. I called his name out two to three times but he never responded."

After the holdup

Video surveillance showed a maroon two-door Ford Explorer leaving Putt-Putt, and images were released to the media.

A tipster told investigators that the vehicle belonged to Storey.

Storey first told police that he and a passenger had truck trouble and stopped to get help but fled when they heard gunshots, according to an arrest warrant affidavit.

But he later changed his story, telling investigators they had gone to the business to rob it, according to the affidavit.