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This thief evidently didn't make it through robbery school

ARLINGTON -- Ever had one of those frantic days when you can't find your car keys when you really need to get somewhere fast?

Police say that's what happened Friday to Dexter Dwayne Williams, 47.

About 6 p.m. Friday, a robber passed a note to a teller at Chase Bank in the 4800 block of South Cooper Street, Lt. Blake Miller, a police spokesman, said.

Grabbing money (the amount wasn't reported), the thief ran outside just before bank employees locked all the doors, Miller said.

The robber ran toward a Dodge Dynasty parked nearby. Oops. He had left his keys in the bank.

Justin Dean, an employee at a nearby Arby's restaurant, said: "I saw him run through our parking lot and jump into that car, and then take off running behind the shopping center."

Police found Williams, unarmed, hiding near a trash bin about a block from the bank. He had thrown his hat and a red T-shirt into a trash receptacle behind a store in the same block as the bank, Miller said.

There's more.

"He wrote the note on the back of one of his checks that had all his personal information on it," Miller said. "He's definitely not the brightest criminal that we've come across."

Police recovered the money taken from the bank, and a red T-shirt and a hat that matched what the robber was wearing.

Late Friday, Williams was in the Arlington jail with bail set at $50,000.