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No charges to be filed against 'Star-Telegram' columnist

No criminal charges will be filed against Star-Telegram columnist Dave Lieber for leaving his 11-year-old at a McDonald's restaurant in Watauga, a prosecutor said Friday.

"We looked at everything the police brought to us and looked at the elements of the offense," said Betty Arvin, deputy chief of the criminal division for the Tarrant County District Attorney’s office. "And we just didn't feel it reached that level. So we choose not to file charges."

Reached at home, Lieber declined to comment. His attorney was not immediately available.

Lieber, 51, turned himself into authorities Tuesday on probable cause warrants for felony child abandonment with intent to return and child abandonment/endangering a child.

He was released the same day on $4,000 bail.

The arrest stemmed from an Aug. 13 incident in which Lieber told his son to walk home from the restaurant after the two argued. Lieber later returned for him but a customer who witnessed the dispute had called 911.

Police said that his son was trying to get into the car as Lieber drove away.

After his arrest, the Star-Telegram suspended Lieber from his Watchdog column while the case moved through the judicial system.

Executive Editor Jim Witt said Friday. "We're gratified that the situation was quickly resolved, and Dave will resume writing the Watchdog column immediately."