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2 killed, 2 wounded in drug deal gone bad, Fort Worth police say

FORT WORTH -- Two men were killed and two were wounded after a drug deal that went sour escalated into gunfire in the 1200 block of Ramsey Avenue late Thursday, police said.

Authorities said 17-year-old Carlos Johnson was shot and killed after he ran into a house and was followed by an unknown number of suspects. The suspects kicked open the door of the house and opened fire, killing the teen. A 16-year old fled through the back of the residence after being shot in the arm. He was transported to John Peter Smith hospital with non life-threatening wounds and is in custody, police said in a written statement.

Two other men were taken to John Peter Smith hospital with gunshot wounds. One of the men, 44-year-old Henry Downey, died at 9:02 p.m. at the hospital. The other, a 42-year-old, was still in the hospital late Thursday with a non-life-threatening gunshot wound to the arm, police said. He is also in custody.

Police responded to the multiple shooting about 10:40 p.m. Upon arrival, emergency responders found one teen dead and took three other people to John Peter Smith hospital.

Witnesses gave statements saying four people were engaged in a drug transaction in the street somewhere between 1201 and 1209 Ramsey Avenue.

At some point gunshots rang out, but it is unknown exactly what occurred or what prompted the shooting.

At least one assault type rifle was recovered, police said.

Gang officers said gang members were involved but the shooting was not a result of retaliation or fighting among rival gangs. Homicide and gang officers were investigating late Thursday.