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Crane tips onto Dallas pump station, truck injuring 2

Two workers were hurt about 10 a.m. Thursday when a crane fell onto a building and two trucks at a pumping station belonging to the city of Dallas, officials said.

The station is at the intersection of Conveyor Lane and Inwood Road just north of the Trinity River and west of the downtown area. It is one of seven pump stations that move rainwater into the river, said Sherry Lopez, spokeswoman for Dallas Fire-Rescue.

The two city workers -- one on the ground and the other atop the building -- were taken to Parkland Memorial Hospital, Lopez said.

"One city worker on the ground was injured with some sort of head injury, but he was coherent, as was the other worker," Lopez said. "The man on top of the building had a broken leg or two."

The worker on the roof was lowered to the ground in a basket by Fire-Rescue's Urban Search and Rescue Team, Lopez said.

Their medical conditions at the hospital were unavailable Thursday afternoon.

The crane, which was operated by private contractor, was about to lower 18,000 pounds of pumping equipment -- basically, a device resembling a huge pipe -- through an opening in the roof of the building, Lopez said.

"But the balance wasn't right," she said. "It upended the crane."

The arm portion of the crane crashed onto the roof and the huge pipe landed on a city truck on the other side of the building, Lopez said.

Wheels on the upended crane hung in the air.

The Louisiana Crane Company was the contractor that operated the crane, Lopez said.

Officials from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration are investigating the incident, said Diana Peterson, spokeswoman for the U.S. Department of Labor. The office does not discuss pending cases, she said.