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Tractor trailer crashes into McDonald's, injures two

GRAND PRAIRIE -- Two people suffered minor injuries when an 18-wheeler crashed into a Grand Prairie McDonald's about 5 p.m. today.

Both of the victims were McDonald's employees, officials said. One was taken to the hospital complaining of pain and scratches.

The 18-wheeler had been parked at a gas station adjacent to the McDonald's, officials said. The driver left the engine running to get something inside the station. Either the break failed, or the driver forgot to set the break and the truck rolled away from the gas pump, down an embankment, hit two vehicles and crashed into the McDonald's in the 3900 block of Great Southwest Parkway.

There were 10 employees inside the store. Some were trapped for a short time by debris before they were freed by firefighters. It is unclear how many customers were in the store, but none suffered any injuries, officials said.