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Thieves hit Dallas fire stations

DALLAS -- Recent thefts at several firehouses in Dallas have caused officials there to rethink their open door policy.

The firehouses will still be open to the public, but residents will likely have to knock before gaining access, said Fire-Rescue spokeswoman Sherrie Lopez.

She said that fire officials are reviewing its open policy and have already made some security changes.

"It’s been a long-standing tradition for the firehouse to be open all the time for the public," Lopez said. "Now, the doors will be locked unless someone inside can see the front door."

Thieves this past weekend stole radios, a cell phone and a pair of fireman pants totaling more than $8,000 from an ambulance and two firehouses.

One of those firehouses, Station 11 on Cedar Springs Road, is on the city's historic preservation list, Lopez said.

Fire personnel were in the stations when the thefts occurred, she said. A victim was being attended to when the ambulance was burglarized, she added.

"Whoever took those items won't be able to do anything constructive with them," Lopez said. "The radios can be a concern if someone were to figure out how to use them to confuse us at an emergency scene."

As for the pants, she added, "Because we are a department of 1,600, not everyone knows each other so that person could be a dangerous scene and go unnoticed."