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Springtown schools reopen after lockdown, officials say

Springtown schools reopened about noon Tuesday after a report of a man with a gun forced them into lockdown for almost two hours.

Police received a report of an altercation in which a man brandished a gun and made a threat to another person not far from the schools, police investigator K. Taylor said.

The man fled before police arrived, Taylor said. Because the man has two relatives attending Springtown elementary and intermediate schools, officers feared that the man might go there to get them, he said.

So police advised school officials at about 10:15 a.m. to go into lockdown.

“There was never any threat made toward the school,” Taylor said. “It was a precaution.”

Just before noon, police told school officials they could reopen, superintendant Andrea Hungerford said.

“They said it was OK, everything was safe and we could unlock and go about our day,” she said. The suspect has not been arrested, but police recovered his vehicle, as well as the firearm, Taylor said. A warrant will be issued for his arrest.