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Buckshots: Readers aren’t ready to hang “Wash” out to dry

FIRST SHOT: How many times do I have to beat it into your heads: Stay the course. No one wants to take the time needed for the Rangers to make this thing work.

Let the so-called experts do their jobs. Nolan Ryan can give Jon Daniels the steady hand he needs, and Ron Washington is finally coming into his own as a manager. The players seem to respect him.

Let these three roll the dice.... at least they care about the franchise.

— Brian Bush, Saginaw

BUCKSHOT: Roll dice, not heads? Nice thought.... but don’t count on it.

SECOND SHOT: Neither Washington nor Daniels should be fired. We’ve heard the “plan” now, and I believe the youth movement has excited longtime Rangers fans.

That being said, I don’t want to wait until 2012 to compete. [Let’s] give Washington some pitching help and see what this team can do without a 5.40 ERA.

— Matt Clare, Flower Mound

BUCKSHOT: Got Advil, Nolan?

THIRD SHOT: Fire Washington now.... some of his managerial moves have left me scratching my head.

He leaves in our starting pitcher while getting shelled.... sits our hottest player [who] comes back totally cooled off.... and, lastly, we’ve been led to believe Washington was such a genius at coaching defense. All we’ve seen is our defense steadily going in reverse.

— Jack Powers, Abilene

BUCKSHOT: You want lastly? Well, try this: Our long regional nightmare is nearly over.

FOURTH SHOT: Jon Boy has shown no ability to “arm” this club. I believe other GMs take advantage of his lack of experience.

Rangers fans are tired of the constant double-digit score required to win games.

— Jim Avers, Grapevine

BUCKSHOT: I agree. The 19-17 loss at Fenway (Aug. 12) took a lot out of this team.

FIFTH SHOT: Fire Daniels and Washington, and bring in a GM with experience instead of an Ivy League degree. Bring in a manager who knows how to take out a pitcher who is well over his innings.

— Mark Markwardt, Arlington

BUCKSHOT: So you want a stupid GM and a math-whiz manager?

SIXTH SHOT: Daniels needs to go. Bring back Doug Melvin.

— Paul Ward, Arlington

BUCKSHOT: Shoot, bring back Fergie Jenkins.

SEVENTH SHOT: Put Nolan in total charge. Help out Daniels. Keep Wash. And did I mention send the owner off to England or Tanzania.... or anyplace but Arlington?

— David Glick, Las Colinas

BUCKSHOT: I’m pretty sure you’ve never mentioned Tanzania.

EIGHTH SHOT: Let the season run out.... get rid of Joaquin Benoit and Kevin Millwood. Nolan will find some pitching. I think Washington is doing a great job as a second-year manager.

— J.B. McAdams, Fort Worth

BUCKSHOT: Then exercise his option for 2010 — now.

LAST SHOT: Since Nolan is at the park from 9 a.m. ’til the game’s over, he might as well manage, coach the pitchers and be GM as well.

I love Josh Hamilton, but Danks and Volquez would look pretty good at the top of the rotation for the next decade.

It’s time to do the “Wash” and hang Daniels out to dry.

— Paul Wooten, Denver

BUCKSHOT: The Maytag repairman, you’re not.