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Now North Texans can boast a win over Houston’s Texans to Boot

Putting on our Sunday best ...

You mean we Metroplexians possess both the Silver Boot and the Governor’s Cup? Cool! What a year!

Although I wouldn’t protest if we let the Houston Texans have the Governor’s Cup for going for that 2-point conversion at the end and wiping out any chance of overtime.

I know it’s only preseason, but I’m a little concerned about the Dallas Cowboys’ offense. It’s looking too good, and I’m afraid that’s going to give opponents’ special teams too many chances to really do some damage.

It’s difficult to put too much stock in the NFL preseason when I look at the statistics on Saturday morning and the league leaders in yards passing, rushing and receiving are, respectively, Brett Ratliff, Marcus Mason and David Clowney.

Texas Rangers manager Ron Washington said his team’s 11-3 loss Tuesday to the Detroit Tigers was his team’s worst game this season. You know, that’s really saying something.

Washington said he dislikes the Rangers’ recent struggles more than their early season struggles because, “It’s the stretch run and people always remember what you did last, not what you did in the beginning.” No, I’m afraid Rangers fans remember both.

These Olympics made for great television watching. In fact, I enjoyed the Games so much that I’m going to fly out to the West Coast so I can watch them “live” again.

Ollie the Optimist is rejoicing that the United States will win the overall medal count. And, he adds, if you count the individual golds handed out for such team events such as soccer, basketball and swimming and track relays, we’ll also have more gold medals than China.

Ollie also asked for an extra paragraph this week so that he could clarify that we let Japan win the gold medal in softball hoping that such sudden competitive balance would bring softball back into future Olympics.

Am I understanding correctly that baseball is leaving the Olympics because we Americans don’t bring our best players and softball is out because we do bring our best players?

I watched on television as Nastia Liukin’s plane arrived at D/FW International Airport and am hoping someone can please tell me why they de-iced her plane as it rolled across the tarmac.

I want to become an Olympic medalist for no other reason than how quickly they get you off the plane when you return home.

Nastia stepped off the plane and headed immediately to a 30-minute news conference because, hey, what else are you going to do while waiting for your luggage?

Hearing all the young girls squealing in excitement.... Nastia had to feel like she was back among the Chinese gymnasts again.

Beijing Games officials are still being criticized for having a 9-year-old girl lip sync a song during the opening ceremony because the real singer wasn’t cute enough. The criticism isn’t because the girl lip-synched, or because they didn’t like the singer’s looks, but because the lip-syncher’s passport said she was 9 even though she was listed as being 6 at her school’s musical last year.

Why does the decathlon winner receive only one gold medal?

There’s something strangely interesting about the fact that the Americans didn’t win gold in baseball or softball but did in soccer.

If you handed Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt an ounce of humility, that would give him a grand total of one.

Trivia question: How many of the schools listed in U.S. News & World Report’s top 25 American colleges also were listed among The Associated Press’ Top 25 college football teams? Answer: None.