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Fort Worth man holed up in house

FORT WORTH -- A Fort Worth police SWAT team was leaving a residence about midnight where a man had apparently barricaded himself earlier Friday evening in the 4000 block of Vaughn Boulevard, but the situation was still unresolved.

Shortly after midnight, some six hours after the standoff began, officers were seen transporting at least three family members away from the home near U.S. 287 (Martin Luther King Jr. Freeway) to another family member's residence, according to police.

It was not immediately clear why the unidentified man had holed up in the home in southeast Fort Worth. Police Sgt. R.A. Dehoyos said the man had beaten and choked his girlfriend earlier in the day and the two had fought about his drinking and drug use.

Dehoyos said police responding to a domestic disturbance report learned when they arrived that the unidentified man was apparently in possession of an AK-47 assault rifle and was threatening suicide. She said children were removed from the home at that time.

During the standoff, police attempted to contact the man by loudspeaker and at one point drove an armored car up to the porch and tossed out a telephone for the man to use to talk to negotiators. But the man didn't respond. At least one person at the scene told police that the man had said he intended to die at the hands of police.

Police also used a spotlight mounted on the vehicle to try and detect movement inside.

Dehoyos said police would remain posted outside the home until a warrant for his arrest is executed.