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Hutchison definitely considering 2010 governor's race

FORT WORTH -- U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison backed away from announcing that she is going to run for governor on Tuesday, but said that she hopes to take steps following the November election that will allow her to do so in 2010.

Hutchison said during a press conference at the Trinity River Vision Authority offices that she definitely is considering it but that she doesn’t want to encroach on the candidates running during this election cycle.

“Of course, I’m considering it, I think everyone knows that,” Hutchison said. “I would love to have the opportunity to run for and serve as governor of Texas.”

“I am absolutely beginning to see what would be necessary to take those steps ... When this election is over, then I will begin to take the steps that I hope will lead to my ability to run for governor.”

Gov. Rick Perry, a fellow Republican, announced earlier this year that he will seek a third term and Hutchison has considered taking on the governor in 2002 and 2006. But she decided against it to avoid divisive primary campaigns.

But Hutchison, the senior Texas senator, has not shied away from criticizing Perry recently. For example, she criticized the state’s new business tax, enacted with Perry’s support, calling it a corporate income tax.

Hutchison was in Fort Worth to get a briefing on the Trinity Uptown project, a $576 million flood control and economic development project.