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What's on Michael Phelps' to-do list?

Michael Phelps won his record-setting eighth gold medal of these games, giving him more than most of the countries on the planet. We get it Phelps, you’re awesome. Here are some things Phelps can do to make future races a little more interesting:

-- Instead of diving into the pool, begin the race with a cannonball.

-- Halfway through the race break out the intertube and a cooler and just float for a while.

-- Ditch the speedo and swim cap and wear a gorilla costume and giant foam cowboy hat.

-- For a whole race just doggie paddle.

-- Between races, fly back to the states and start a game for the Rangers. With that wingspan he’s bound to have a decent fastball.

-- Don't wait 30 minutes to swim after eating his breakfast of three fried egg sandwiches, a five-egg omelet, bowl of grits, french toast and chocolate chip pancakes.

-- Wear all the gold medals when he swims. They might weigh him down enough to make it competitive.