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SUV drops into sinkhole in Fort Worth

Carl Aasletten had the best intentions -- come home a little early from work, spend some extra time with the family.

He saw what looked like just another pothole about a block from his house, in the 3000 block of Owenwood in the Tanglewood neighborhood northwest of TCU. It would be nothing to drive over it, he thought.

Seconds later, his Chevrolet Tahoe was submerged to the headlights in a sinkhole.

"It wasn't a torrential amount of water. It was just enough water not to alarm you," he said.

Or so he thought.

A private tow truck company is on the scene trying to extricate the SUV from the sinkhole, but attempts from different angles have so far failed to dislodge it.

The city Water Department is also on the scene. Mary Gugliuzza, a Water Department spokeswoman, said the water main pipeline beneath the street had broken before Aasletten got there, and the leaking water eroded the dirt under the asphalt.

When Aasletten drove over the spot, the weight of the SUV punctured the asphalt and it sank -- along with the SUV.

Gugliussa said about eight houses are currently without water because of the mishap.