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Canadian system bringing rain, cool temps to DFW

What could erase the dog days of a red hot Texas summer better than a weather system from the Great White North?

Fall and winter are a few months off, but an upper-level low pressure system from Canada is pointed south, and it's bringing cooler temperatures and possibly rain.

Beauty, eh?

"It will stay pretty dry through Friday and then we're going to have a fall-time scenario setting up in August," said Nick Hampshire, a National Weather Service meteorologist.

The weather system will "park itself on the Oklahoma-Kansas border," he said.

"It will basically send several pulses of energy southward probably Saturday with some stronger ones Sunday and Monday," he added. "That should provide enough force to get some good rain in our area.

"We have about a 40 percent chance Sunday and Monday."

The energy is expected to interact with moist Gulf Coast air, which will start rolling into North Texas Thursday, courtesy of some southerly winds, Hampshire said.

"That will help prime the atmosphere for the event this weekend," he said.

Various long-range computer models are consistent in their predictions, Hampshire said, "so confidence is pretty high."

But even if it doesn't rain -- or if it doesn't rain much -- the weather system will take the edge off the August heat, according to the weather service.

The high temperature Wednesday is expected to be in the mid 90s, and then the high 90s Thursday. But after that, the mercury will start sliding and reach the low 90s or high 80s by Sunday.

Forecasters saw no triple-digit temperatures into early next week, Hampshire said.