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Federal officials put another charter bus out of service

Officials in Missouri have placed another bus carrying the Houston church group involved in Friday's fatal crash out of service and are looking into the company's history of coach inspections.

The bus was stopped in Carthage, Mo., the same place the other bus operated by Igual BusMex of Houston was headed before it ran off the road early Friday morning, in what has become one of the deadliest bus accidents in Texas history.

Investigators at a press conference at a Sherman hotel Sunday didn't say whether the bus was taken off the road because of problems with the bus, simply saying that it was taken off the road because it was being operated by Igual BusMex, which isn't licensed to operate.

The buses operated by Igual were two of three carrying the Houston church group. Another one left Houston a day earlier, and the National Transportation Safety Board is looking into it as well, said Debbie Hersman, an NTSB spokeswoman.

The driver

He also has had his license suspended and been convicted of driving under the influence.

The bus

Hersman said that New York transportation company sold the bus to MCI Sales and Service, which deals in sales of new and previously-owned buses from MCI Motorcoach Sales.

MCI then serviced the bus in an Ohio factory before transferring it to Dallas where it was inspected two to three weeks ago. That inspection, Hersman said, included a tire inspection.

The company

"There are clearly a number of discrepancies with respect to this motor carrier operator," she said.

One of those discrepancies revolves around the company's association with another Houston transportation company, Angel Bus Tours.

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