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Favre now a real Jet-setter

Putting on our Sunday best ...

Brett Favre has been traded to the New York Jets. We now return you to your regularly scheduled life. When told of the trade, Jets starting quarterback hopeful Kellen Clemens went out and bought three extra caps to wear on the sidelines this season.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg presented Favre with a MetroCard valued at $4, leaving Favre to wonder why he didn’t pick a higher jersey number.

Brett the Jet will still appear on the cover of Madden ’09 in a Packers jersey. I’m confused now. Who gets the Madden Curse – Favre or the Packers?

The final injury log from the New York Yankees-Texas Rangers four-game series. Monday: Joba Chamberlain. Tuesday: C.J. Wilson. Wednesday: David Murphy and Pudge Rodriguez. Thursday: the Rangers’ playoff chances.

Boy, the Rangers splitting that series with the Yankees sure sounded a lot better at the start of the series than it did after the Rangers had won the first two games.

I guess Wilson knew it was time to shut down not when the pain in his elbow became too much but when he gave up a grand slam to Richie Sexson.

The Green Bay Packers have just informed Favre that they have changed their minds about trading him.

First, let me state that I’m glad Eddie Guardado is a Ranger. But I also must admit that when he releases his fastball at 84-85 mph, I always hold my breath. Of course, I’m breathing again by the time the ball gets to the plate because I just can’t hold my breath that long.

Yankees first baseman Jason Giambi shaved his slump-busting mustache before coming to Arlington because, really, those kinds of things don’t matter when you’re facing the Rangers.

It was a bad week for mustaches. Michael Phelps shaved his, too. Where are those old East German women’s teams when mustache-wearers need them? Phelps opened his pursuit of eight gold medals in the 400 individual medley and, despite racing in a heat, turned in a time that would have won the gold medal at the Athens Games. In the prelims! As I was watching, I couldn’t help but wonder whether he watched Josh Hamilton in the Home Run Derby.

If I have it figured correctly, when it’s noon here, it’s 1 a.m. tomorrow at the Olympics and sometime last night on NBC.

I accidentally saw on the Internet how the final medal count at the Olympics turned out, but I won’t tell you so as not to spoil NBC’s coverage.

As if these other countries don’t already dislike the United States enough, I’m watching beach volleyball from Beijing and hear Who Let the Dogs Out? blaring in the background.

Ollie the Optimist said the good thing about the rain Saturday in Michigan was that he was able to watch Tiger Woods in the PGA Championship, even if it was the 2000 tournament. And Ollie says he wouldn’t be surprised if eight-year-old footage of Tiger boosts the ratings.

A frustrated Paul Goydos said if Rees Jones, who designed the vicious course for the PGA Championship, remade the game Scrabble, “he’d leave out the vowels.” FYI, “pygmy” will get you 16 points. My editor told me it was time to conclude this column and I flipped my notebook to her. Then she grabbed me by the arm, gave the notebook back to me and made me hand it to her as journalism etiquette requires.

Sports sure has changed. Insider Jr. called his uncle the other night. “He’s playing racquetball,” Junior told me. Then, to clarify, added, “Real racquetball – not on Wii.”