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Carjacker gets Fort Worth businessman's car

A businessman was robbed of his car Wednesday afternoon in Fort Worth, and an employee fired two shots at the fleeing thief, although it was unknown if the thief was hit, police said.

The incident was reported at 1 p.m. at Fast Cash, Jewelry and Loans in the 1400 block of West Berry Street, said Lt. Paul Henderson, police spokesman.

The owner, David Brown, 77, came to the store to get a bag of checks for a bank deposit. He then noticed a man smoking a cigarette outside the business.

"As Brown entered the business, the suspicious man followed," Henderson said. "Brown picked up a bag with checks and turned around to leave. As Brown reached to open his car door the man pulled a knife and demanded Brown's car keys."

The businessman complied and then ran back into the business and told an employee what just happened.

"The employee grabbed a gun, exited the business, and fired two shots at the fleeing carjacker as he backed the stolen car out of a parking space and fled the scene.

"It is unknown if the employee hit his target."

No other information was immediately available Thursday.