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Cleburne water park to close Monday for hyperchlorination

Cleburne's popular Splash Station water park will be closed on Mondays through Labor Day after a child got sick at the pool Sunday afternoon.

The child became ill outside of the pool, but officials closed the facility Sunday afternoon as a precaution.

Max Robertson, parks and recreation director for Cleburne, said he met with the city manager and health department officials, and they decided to close Splash Station today and to hyperchlorinate the pools as a precaution. Robertson said the pools would be treated every Monday through Labor Day.

"This is something we don't want to do, but we felt that in the interest of public safety, we had to take the precaution," Robertson said.

Splash Station was closed July 26 after a lifeguard tested positive for the cryptosporidium waterborne parasite.

City officials decided to screen people who come to Splash Station by asking them to read a statement saying not to use aquatic facilities if they show symptoms such as diarrhea or fever.